The SpaceX rocket sends a record number of satellites into space

A "Falcon 9" missile, made by the "Space X" company, was launched on Sunday carrying a record number of satellites into space, the company announced.

"Spice X" indicated that the missile was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida at ten o'clock in the morning (15:00 GMT), 24 hours after the scheduled date of the flight, which was postponed due to bad weather.

Andy Tran, a company official, said in a video accompanying the launch that "Falcon 9" was carrying 133 commercial and government satellites, in addition to ten satellites of "SpaceX".

He added, "This is the largest number of satellites ever sent" during a single mission. "

This was done as part of a program of participatory launches ("RaidShare") under which smaller companies pay the Elon Musk-owned group in exchange for carrying their technology into space.

SpaceX reported in a series of tweets that the 143 satellites had been successfully deployed.

The company seeks to put into orbit thousands of small satellites to form the "Starlink" constellation, through which it seeks to provide a fast internet from space.

In light of concerns expressed by scientists about the number of objects orbiting around the world, "SpaceX" confirms that its satellites are designed to burn in the atmosphere within a few years.


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