18 injuries and 9 arrests ... 320 violations against Gaza fishermen during 2020

The Union of Agricultural Work Committees in the Gaza Strip monitored the injury of 18 fishermen, and the arrest of 9 others, by the Israeli navy, which deliberately attacked the fishermen off the coast of the Strip.

According to the Federation’s statistics, 320 violations were recorded during the past 2020, indicating a marked increase in attacks compared to the previous year, by 63 attacks.

He pointed out that the injuries ranged from moderate to slight, while the nine fishermen were released after being arrested for hours or a few days, as the detainees reported that they were exposed to harsh conditions during the hours of arrest.

According to the report, the destruction and sabotage of 12 boats were documented, some of them severely damaged and the other partially damaged, while 4 other boats were stolen with all their equipment, and hundreds of fishing nets were destroyed and stolen.

The Union of Agricultural Work Committees said that the occupation methods and means of attacking fishermen, terrorizing them and practicing violence against them varied, indicating that many of them were carried out by firing machine gun fire and shells or by pumping water, pursuing and confiscating their boats and tools, and many times through the sudden closure of the sea. In the face of hunters.

The Union pointed out that the occupation continued to tamper with the marine area that fishermen are allowed to access, which closed, opened, reduced and expanded, indicating that it documented 10 decisions in this regard, including the complete closure of the sea for a period of 16 days during the second half of last August.


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