The occupation besieges the Abu Mishaal Monastery, injuring two young men with its fire and harassing the villagers

Two young men were injured by Israeli bullets in the village of Deir Abu Mashaal, northwest of Ramallah, during clashes that erupted in the village on Sunday evening, after storming it under the pretext that a settlement had been pelted with stones on the nearby settlement street.

Residents in the village reported that two young men were hit by the occupation bullets, one of them with a live bullet in the foot, and the other with rubber-coated metal bullets, noting that the occupation forces imposed a siege on the village and prevented entry or exit from it, forcing dozens of citizens to enter the village on foot from among the fields .

The occupation forces also abused a number of citizens at the entrance to the village, and detained them for more than two hours before allowing them to enter the village.


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