Gaza: $ 500 million losses in the agricultural sector due to the repeated attacks of the occupation

Adham Al-Bassiouni, a spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture in Gaza, said today, Sunday, that the losses of the agricultural sector amounted to 500 million dollars to date, due to the repeated attacks of the occupation in recent times.

Al-Bassiouni added in a radio interview: Whenever we finish a rehabilitation phase, we enter another phase, and a few days ago, we entered the phase of compensation for damages caused by the occupation’s opening of water towards agricultural lands east of Gaza City, and before that, the razing, shelling, and repeated and continuous attacks.

He pointed out that there is no compensation case with government agencies in Gaza, and all the existing projects are projects for the rehabilitation of what the occupation has destroyed, indicating that the term legal compensation is supposed to be carried out by the one who caused the damage, which is the occupation, as it is the demand for actual compensation for the damages that occurred throughout the years of the intifada. .

He said: "What the Ministry of Agriculture has done in Gaza since the beginning of the intifada until the moment is all projects under the heading of rehabilitating what the occupation has destroyed in the Gaza Strip as a result of its repeated attacks on Palestinian farmers."

Regarding reconstruction and rehabilitation projects, the Gaza Agriculture spokesperson said: "There are priorities for animal production farms, tree orchards and alternative energy projects. As for the issue of the Agricultural Chamber and its rehabilitation, this is related to the issue of priorities."

Al-Bassiouni stressed that the projects will continue and will not stop, despite the blockade.


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