Japanese couple arrested on charges of negligence after the death of their baby daughter

Japanese police announced today, Wednesday, that a married couple had been arrested in the east of the country on charges of neglecting their three-month-old baby and not seeking medical care for her, which caused her death.

Japan's Kyodo News Agency quoted police as saying that it is suspected that Yuki Kanai, 29, and his wife, Azusa, 28, did not properly care for their fourth daughter, Kia, who was malnourished and underweight due to an injury that left her unable to drink milk in August. August last year.

The couple, who live in Misato town, Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo, did not take their daughter to hospital, which could have saved her life before her death in September, according to district police.

The autopsy also showed that the child's ribs and other bones in her body were broken. Police are investigating the parents for the child's physical abuse.

The police said that the father admitted his daughter's injury, and quoted him as saying, "I did not seek medical treatment (for my daughter) because I did not want to be arrested for abusing her."

The mother was also reported as telling the police: "My husband refused to take her to the hospital and I obeyed him."


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