Washington confirms its support to Israel in the bombing Gaza

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The US administration has maintained its traditional stance on the recent Israeli aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip, saying it is a right for Israel to defend itself.

"Yes, we are monitoring this issue in general and the situation in Gaza," State Department spokeswoman Heather maneuvered at her press conference in response to a question from Jerusalem about the Israeli shelling that killed a pregnant woman, her child and whether her Government had a position or comment. Worrying. "

"We generally condemn the firing of rockets into Israel and demand an end to the devastating violence," she said. We have seen reports of 180 or so rocket attacks from Gaza towards Israel, and we fully support Israel's right to defend itself and to take action to prevent provocations of this kind. "

When he raised Jerusalem that the Israelis were the ones who started this latest round of Israeli bombing in fact, not Hamas, she answered, "I will not dwell on how this should begin. Let us not forget that Hamas bears the ultimate responsibility for the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza. This is a source of concern for us. "

Former US administrations have maintained that "Israel has the right to defend itself" in justifying all Israeli aggression against the Palestinians in the past decades without giving the Palestinians the right to self-defence by any standard.

The latest Israeli aggression took the life of the mother, Abu Khamash, 23, and her baby girl, a statement (18 months) and her unborn child (7 months), while sleeping in their one-storey house, while her husband Mohammed was injured by the shelling.

For his part, US president Donald Trump's envoy for international negotiations and "peace" between the Palestinians and Israel, Jason Grinblat, published an article on CNN's Web page, which is superficial and a flop, in which he places the blame on the Palestinians, saying "all Palestinian tragedies are caused by Hamas." Of terrorism financed by Iran, "and its guardian (Hamas), for the peaceful coexistence of Palestinians and Israelis, without mentioning in its long article the role of the Israeli occupation and siege even once, which the Trump administration has adopted since its coming to the White House.

Grinblat, an Orthodox Jewish American (religious), says that Hamas is depriving Palestinians of showing their human side as they did when the Palestinians, together with the Israelis, fought a battle in northern Israel, which led to the fires and saved lives and property.

"Hamas is an Islamic fundamentalist terrorist organization financed by Iran, dedicated to the destruction of Israel, after winning the 2006 elections and then fighting the Palestinian Authority, and its control over Gaza in 2007, it has fought multiple wars with Israel ever since, and has often clashed with Israel at the border," he added.

Grinblat accuses Hamas of "over the past several months, in addition to launching rocket attacks and building tunnels to attack Israel, it has moved to incendiary kites and terrorist balloons.

"Hamas ' intention is to inflict as much damage as possible on Israel," Grinblat said. However, like the indiscriminate destruction caused by its fires, Hamas has no regard for the widespread damage it causes to the Palestinians in Gaza. While Hamas is focusing on violence towards its Israeli neighbors, it has completely neglected and failed to build the infrastructure and systems to make life better in Gaza, "he added:" Imagine an area where Israelis and Palestinians work together not only to fight fires, but to build a better future for their people. " Without mentioning the Israeli crimes in the West Bank, occupied East Jerusalem and the besieged Gaza Strip.

She had manoeuvred the question of Jerusalem at the press conference on the ongoing peace efforts, and there were reports that the discovery of the plan had been postponed, for "the Deal of the century, and whether she had a comment about it, by saying" objected to The hypothesis of the question and your statement. We have not yet revealed the peace plan. It will be revealed by Mr. Gard Kouchner and Mr. Jason Grinblat when she is ready... It will be detected when you are ready. "



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