The European Union affirms its commitment to provide all necessary for holding the general elections

The European Union spokesman in Jerusalem, Shadi Othman, confirmed that the Central Election Commission meeting with the European Union comes as a continuation of the continuous contacts between the Union and the Committee, and to emphasize the role of the Union in support of the Palestinian cause as well as providing its political support for holding elections.

Othman said that during the meeting, a discussion was held about what could be presented in the next stage, especially the provision of international observers and many issues regarding violations of the occupation and the obstacles it poses, especially the inability to easily reach the areas of East Jerusalem and the areas classified (C).

He added to Voice of Palestine Radio today, Tuesday, that the European Union said that it will provide all necessary for the Central Elections Committee to make the elections succeed in full transparency, indicating that there are agreements that determine how and the mechanism of holding these elections with the participation of all parties and empowering citizens to perform their role in all regions.

Othman stressed that during the coming period there will be a continuation of all political contacts with all relevant parties to work for the success of the electoral process.


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