Palestinian Foreign Ministry vows to prosecute Friedman legally

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates pledged, today, Tuesday, to legally prosecute the US ambassador to Israel David Friedman, after his recognition of the settlement project "City of David" in central Jerusalem.

The ministry said, in a press statement, that "East Jerusalem, with all its borders and area, including the Old City and the town of Silwan, has been occupied Palestinian land since 1967, and it is the eternal capital of the remaining state of Palestine despite Friedman and his outgoing administration, which is outside of every legal, diplomatic or moral classification." .

And it considered that "Friedman's obscure statements, a flagrant violation of international legitimacy and decisions, international law and diplomatic norms."

And she affirmed that she "will take it upon herself to follow up this file with legal experts and the concerned authorities to discuss the possibility of holding the settler Friedman accountable before international and specialized courts."

The Ministry condemned Friedman's recognition of the "City of David" project, which comes two days before the end of his duties as ambassador to the United States of America, and considered it "illegal and invalid, and expresses Friedman's desires and his dark ideology that he is trying to affix not only to his country but to the American constitution and principles and employ them in favor of the narrative of the occupation in Jerusalem." ".

Friedman said in a statement issued by the US embassy, ​​"The City of David is a testament to the Judeo-Christian heritage and the founding principles of America."


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