Gaza: The boy Muhammad Daghmush shines in writing, reciting poetry and acting in literary theater

 Mohammed Khaled Dagmash, a 15-year-old boy from Gaza, excelled in writing, poetry and literary theatre, where he was able to establish his talent and develop his talent in love with the homeland and uphold national rights, to receive the certificate of international ambassador accredited by the International Federation of World Peace Organizations in cooperation with Harvard University in the United States and receive several awards and certificates, including the 2020 World Humanitarian Award as the youngest community activist, and several local and international awards, most recentof which he was honored by Harvard International University as Ambassador for Children.

"The talent of poetry and cast was acquired at an early age after Watching the cartoon in classical Arabic in a large way, so it was my beginning to write short stories and novels initially, but the development and refinement of this talent was through my volunteering during the Corona period in a number of Arab and international institutions that sponsor human rights and marginalized groups in Palestinian society," he said.

"The first support in developing my talent is my mother, who was prominent in refining my talent because she had the same talent and dreamed of being a writer and she always asked my father to buy me stories and novels about children and she started teaching me the style of writing and reading properly entertaining, and launched my ideas in the creative space to be her dream that she did not achieve for herself."

He continued: "From here I started my story with reading, and I became a love of reading books and my curiosity to a very high degree in this field where my curiosity arrived because I ventured to read political books that talk about the history of Palestine and from this framework was a new beginning for me in writing prose and writing the article until I became describing my mother as the companion of the struggle trail with pen, because she was the one who gave me the pen and said to me, my son, tomorrow to be a writer, a poet and a writer of the future."

"I went to the path of writing, writing poetry and writing novels because of the support of the parents and the cultural actors in The Palestinian society, and to name my talent as a writer and become an influential figure in society," he said.

He points out that he was selected from among the stars of peace in the world under the accreditation number of the United Nations Economic Council as well as received the World Humanitarian Award as the youngest community activist, in addition to the certificate of an international ambassador accredited by the International Federation of World Peace Organizations and a certificate certified by Havard University of America International after he presented his research on the role of the international community in defending the right of the Palestinian child living between the prospects of siege and destruction.

"My goal was to volunteer in many cultural institutions to practice literary writing and experience in this field, where I started research ing for international organizations for world peace to obtain the certificate of an international ambassador accredited in childhood and a candidate from the International Children's Parliament and then in the field of cultural creativity and then my talent in poetry developed to get the title of Ambassador of creativeand talented from the Union of Arab Intellectuals," he said.

Dougmush explains that his literary publications include the poem “I am a Palestinian child and the poem” and “The Deal of the Century and the Weapon.” He also published “Children of the Candles,” the poem “Palestine is a State without borders,” the poem “Tax of Life” and the book “Palestine at a stone's throw” which is Under publication, in addition to an international research entitled "The Child Between Dreams and Siege", which was submitted to Harvard University in America, indicating that he is working on publishing his first book entitled "A Dream at a Stone Throw", and his other book entitled "I am not a child, I am a politician who writes about the homeland." ".

Regarding his wishes, which haunts his imagination and works on them with determination and ambition, Muhammad dreams of completing his studies in the field of political science to become an ambassador for the State of Palestine, and to represent it in international forums on the Arab and international levels.

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