Interior of Gaza: We are still in the stage of danger

 Iyad Al-Bazm, spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior in Gaza, said today, Thursday, that the situation is still in a dangerous stage, which requires continued commitment to preventive measures.

Al-Bazm stated in a press statement that the preventive measures taken to confront Corona are still continuing, including the total closure on Friday and Saturday from eight o'clock in the evening Thursday, until dawn on Sunday.

He called on citizens to abide by not leaving their homes during the total closure period.

He said, "The total closure on Friday and Saturday contributed directly to limiting the rise in infections with the Coronavirus, and enhancing the ability of the health system to cope with the epidemic situation."

Regarding the Rafah crossing, the Gaza Interior Ministry spokesman pointed out that communication with the Egyptian authorities is underway to open the crossing as soon as possible, but until the moment there is no clear information in this regard. like he said.

He mentioned that there are more than 7,000 cases of travel registered through the Rafah crossing, which can be increased, and the longer the crossing is closed, the humanitarian crisis will worsen, especially since there are hundreds of citizens stranded abroad who want to return to the Strip.


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