4 Martyrs on Friday of 31 return marches in Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

According to the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, four youths were martyred by Israeli occupation soldiers on the Gaza Strip's borders today, in a "Gaza-resistant" Friday, the 31 peaceful return marches.

Mohammed Khaled Mahmoud Abdel Nabi, 27, was martyred in al-Shifa medical complex from his wounds in eastern Jabalia, Nassar Abu Tim (22), Ahmed Saeed Abu Libdeh, 22, and Ayesh Ghassan Sha'her, 23, and the three martyred east of Khan Yunis, the Ministry of Health said.

According to health, 85 demonstrators were injured on the Gaza border.

An Israeli aircraft bombed a resistance observatory east of Bureij, according to a reporter, "jerusalem dot com."

The National Commission for the return marches sent invitations to the Ghazazi to continue to participate in the marches, confirming its slomit and continuing until the blockade of the Gaza Strip was lifted.

The commission said that the return marches "come as an inclusive and unified national expression in the face of the plots to liquidate the Palestinian cause, and that the blockade, closures, settlements and barriers were their tools to undermine the will and steadfastness of our people and to push for the acceptance of American and Zionist solutions."

Since the start of the peaceful return marches on the 30th of March March on the eastern border of the Gaza Strip, 208 martyrs have risen with the bullets of the occupation.


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