Two million and 254 thousand people in the Gaza Strip until the end of 2020

The annual statistics issued by the General Administration of Civil Status at the Ministry of the Interior - the civil sector in the Gaza Strip, showed that the population of the Strip reached two million 254 thousand and 61 people, until the end of 2020.

According to the statistic, the number of males reached 1 million 143 thousand and 437 people, or 50.7%, while the number of females reached 1 million 110 thousand and 624 people, or 49.3%.

The statistic showed that Gaza governorate ranks first in terms of population with a total of 847,712 people, followed by Khan Yunis with a total of 439,729 people.

North Gaza Governorate comes in third place, with a total of 368,721 people, followed by the Central Governorate with a total of 316,144 people.

Rafah governorate, according to statistics, comes last, with a total population of 281,755 people.

With regard to the number of births and deaths, during the year 2020, 53 thousand and 490 newborns were born in the Gaza Strip, at a rate of 148 births per day.

The number of deaths in the Gaza Strip during the past year reached 5,143.

The statistic showed that the number of males out of the total number of births amounted to 27,450 births, or 51%, while the percentage of female births reached 49%, with 26,40 births.

The statistic showed that the number of males out of the total deaths amounted to 2845, by 55%, while the number of female deaths reached 2,298, or 45%.


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