A new computer technology to reduce the biopsies doctors need to diagnose diseases

 A team of cancer researchers at the University of Cambridge, UK, has created a new computer technology that allows doctors to take fewer biopsies from patients and achieve more accurate results in diagnosing various diseases.

According to the study reported by the scientific journal "European Radiology", the new computer technology that combines CT imaging and ultrasound imaging provides a visual picture for physicians so that they can diagnose cancerous tumors based on a smaller number of biopsies removed from patients.

The researchers confirm that obtaining samples from various cells inside the cancerous tumor helps to find the best treatment for patients, given that each type of cells responds differently to different treatment methods.

The "Science Daily" website, which specializes in technology, quoted the researcher Lucian Beer of the Ovarian Cancer Treatment Program at the University of Cambridge as saying that using the new technology to collect samples of tumors helps in obtaining various cancer cells inside the tumor.

The researchers confirm that the new technique represents "a milestone in the process of accurate removal of tissue samples, and this technique will be used on a larger scale in clinical research."


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