On Commemoration Day: 226 martyrs from the captive movement

Palestinians commemorate today, Thursday, the Palestinian martyr's day, which falls on the seventh of January of every year.

According to statistics issued by the specialist in prisoner affairs, Abdel Nasser Farawana, 226 prisoners were killed at the hands of the occupation forces, including 71 due to medical negligence, 73 as a result of torture, 7 were killed after being shot in detention centers, and 75 prisoners were killed and liquidated after arrest.

He pointed out that 4 of these martyrs ascended during the past year 2020.

Farwana pointed out that these numbers have been documented since 1967, in addition to hundreds of others who have not been counted, who died after their release from prison from diseases they contracted in prisons.

And he indicated that 8 of these martyr prisoners were martyred inside prisons, and the occupation authorities are still holding their bodies alongside more than 250 Palestinian martyrs in the Numbers Cemetery.

The Day of the Palestinian Martyr is a day to commemorate the martyrs of Palestine, announced in 1969, four years after the first Palestinian martyr in the armed Palestinian revolution (martyr Ahmed Musa Salama, the first martyr of Fatah and the Revolution, who was martyred on January 1, 1965, after he carried out an operation Eilabun Tunnel), so this day became a national day commemorating the souls of the martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the sake of Palestine.


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