The martyrdom of a young man from a house ordered by the bullets of the occupation, south of Bethlehem

 The Ministry of Health announced the death of a young man after being shot by Israeli occupation soldiers in southern Bethlehem, today, Tuesday.

Eyewitnesses said that the occupation forces shot at the young Ahed Abd al-Rahman Qawqas Khalil (25 years) from the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron governorate, at the "Etzion" junction, north of the town.

They added that the young man was seen lying on the ground without moving, and he was not given first aid, and it seems that shots were fired at him while he was walking.

Sources from Beit Ummar in contact with "Al-Quds" stated that the occupation forces summoned the family of the martyr to the "Etzion" investigation center, and closed the entrance to the town with the iron gate, and prevented entry or exit from it.

Travelers between Bethlehem and Hebron confirmed that the occupation forces closed the main street to traffic in both directions, which led to major traffic jams.

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