Learn about the three most stunning lakes in Switzerland

 Switzerland is known as the home of mountains, but did you know that Switzerland has more than 1500 lakes and water bodies?

Almost all Swiss cities overlook the shores of lakes. Whether it is because of the height, the clear waters or the beauty of the surrounding scenery, there is something exceptional about the sparkling lakes in Switzerland, according to the "Travel Daily" site.

Lake Geneva:

Lake Geneva, the largest lake in central Europe, is a deep, crescent-shaped lake in Switzerland that overlooks the Alps. The visitor can book a cruise or a culinary trip to enjoy the picturesque sights such as the slogan of the city of Geneva "Gettdu", a fountain with a water height of 140 meters, which is lit up in the evening. The lake is also a great place for canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, water skiing and even diving.

Lake Lugano:

Lake Lugano in Ticino is a glacier lake in the southernmost tip of Thessin, a holiday area in the southernmost part of the Alps. The lake has various branches and is surrounded by mountains, the tallest of which is Mount Generoso, which has a height of about 1,700 meters.

Lake Thun:

The dark blue Thun Lake overlooks the northern side of the Alps, between the towns of Thun and Interlaken in the Bernese Oberland. A cruise on Ton Lake offers relaxation as well as enjoying a sumptuous meal or simply splendid sunshine on the deck. Your eyes will pass on the attractive beach with its romantic villages and majestic historical castles erected atop the peaks of the Eiger, Muench and Jungfrau mountains.


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