The Prisoners Association: The occupation forces severely beat 3 prisoners at the moment of their arrest

The Prisoners and Examiners Affairs Authority stated in a report issued today, Monday, that three prisoners were subjected to barbaric assaults during the process of their arrest and interrogation inside the Israeli interrogation centers.

Among the detainees who were subjected to beatings and degrading treatment during their arrest is the boy Osama Meshaal (17 years) from the town of Azzun, east of Qalqilya, who was arrested after the occupation soldiers raided his house at dawn, pulled him from his bed, blindfolded him, handcuffed him, and took him outside the house, and then attacked him. They beat him arbitrarily with their hands, feet, and the butts of their rifles, and then they threw him into the military jeep, and they continued to beat him mercilessly, and they shoved him on the floor of the jeep and started to step on him with their military boots and insult him with the dirtiest insults, and later he was transferred to the "Jalameh" detention center for interrogation, he was interrogated there for long hours He was handcuffed and footed. He was also transferred to the so-called Sparrows (agents) rooms for 4 days in an attempt to extract confessions from him. He stayed for 15 days in “Jalameh” detention center, and then he was transferred to Section (3), the section of the Cubs Prisoners in “Megiddo”.

As for the minor Mahmoud Muhareb (16 years old) from the town of Abwein northwest of Ramallah, he was assaulted by the occupation army during the confrontations that broke out near the "Beit El" checkpoint. They inserted him into the military jeep, and the soldiers deliberately placed him between their legs and continued to brutally assault him, after which he was transferred to an Israeli interrogation center for interrogation. Megiddo. "

The occupation soldiers also assaulted the detainee Akram Enter Allah (26 years) from the town of Kafr Aqab, north of occupied Jerusalem, during his arrest at the Qalandiya military checkpoint, where they severely beat him all over his body, which resulted in several bruises on him and as a result he was transferred to the hospital and then to The "Ofer" detention center, where he is now located, knowing that the detainee entered God, wounded three years ago with several rubber bullets in the head and live bullets in his feet, and he is in need of medical follow-up due to his difficult health condition.


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