Prisoners Authority: Corona injuries among the prisoners rose to 170

The head of the Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority, Qadri Abu Bakr, said today, Monday, that the results of the recent examinations conducted for prisoners in the Negev prison showed that 16 were injured

Coronavirus, bringing the number of active infections to 31, while the total number of prisoners infected with the virus in the occupation prisons since the start of the pandemic has reached about 170.

Abu Bakr added, in an interview with Voice of Palestine Radio, that the prison administration transferred 15 prisoners from the Negev Prison to Raymond Prison, and declared the Negev Prison a red zone that prevents entry or exit from it.

Abu Bakr indicated that the decision to vaccinate prisoners with the specially designed vaccine against the Corona virus was frozen after settlers submitted an objection in the Knesset, despite the existence of a United Nations resolution obliging Israel to follow up on the health status of prisoners and the subsequent medical care, noting that there are about 700 sick prisoners. With various diseases.

Regarding the prisoner, Jibril Al-Zubeidi, who has been on hunger strike for more than three years

For weeks, Abu Bakr said, that the occupation authorities isolated him for more than a week and prevented the Red Cross staff and lawyers from visiting him, pointing to a stand that will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, in front of the Red Cross in Ramallah, in solidarity with him.


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