The occupation is holding 36 female prisoners in "Damon" detention center, among them are wounded

The Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority said in a report issued today, Sunday, that the Israeli occupation authorities are holding 36 prisoners inside the "Damoun" detention center, under harsh conditions.

The commission pointed out that among the detained female prisoners, 24 prisoners were sentenced to varying sentences, the highest of which reached 16 years against the two prisoners Shatila Abu Ayada and Shorouk Doyat, 9 female prisoners who were detained, and 3 women under administrative detention.

The commission stated that among the detainees who suffer from very difficult health conditions, such as the case of the prisoner Israa Jaabis, who suffers from burns and needs several operations, Amal Taqatqa, who suffers from 5 bullets and needs to undergo an operation to remove platinum from her leg, and Iman Awar, who suffers from cancerous lumps in the vocal tendons, and Rawan Abu Ziadeh, who suffers from pain in the neck and stomach, and Nasreen Abu Kamil, who complains of hypertension, diabetes, and inflammation of the toes, all of whom need urgent and specialized medical follow-up for their cases.

Palestinian prisoners suffer, during arrest for a harsh interrogation, physical and psychological torture, oppression, harassment, oppression and deprivation, and a violation of privacy, without providing the minimum of their special needs.


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