Gaza´s health suggests that the Corona vaccine will arrive in the Strip next month

Magdy Dahir, Deputy Director of Primary Care at the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, this evening, Sunday, expected the vaccine to arrive in Palestine in the month of February.

In a radio interview, Dahir pointed out that in the event that he arrives at the ministry in Ramallah, there are promises that a quantity of it will be transported to the Gaza Strip.

And he indicated that logistical arrangements are being prepared to deal with the vaccine, and it will be given initially to medical staff and the elderly, according to priorities, in order to reach the rest of the citizens.

"We are closely following global developments about the vaccine and about the World Health Organization's approval of the Pfizer vaccine," he said, noting that there is a recommendation by the organization about the Pfizer vaccine, and work is being done with more than one party to provide vaccines.

He pointed out that the health authorities are still suffering from the peak of Corona in the winter season, despite the decline in the rate of injuries, and there are indications of its decrease due to the closure, curfew, and the commitment of many citizens to preventive measures. like he said.

"We expect that the state of improvement will continue and we are following the developments of the epidemiological situation to take appropriate decisions," he added.

He pointed out that tomorrow, blood samples will be collected from citizens to check the extent of the spread of the Coronavirus, and accordingly, the results will be analyzed to find out the extent of the spread, which opens a broad horizon for taking appropriate decisions.


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