Gaza Health: A slight decrease in the Corona injuries curve

Youssef El-Akkad, director of the European Gaza Hospital, said today, Saturday, that the recent weeks have witnessed a slight decrease in the curve of the number of infections with the Coronavirus, and that there is stability in the surface with regard to new cases, and there is a decrease in the number of serious infections that reach the hospital .

In an interview with Al-Aqsa local radio in Gaza, Al-Akkad explained that some of the injured need about 60 liters per minute of oxygen, and despite the stability of the number of injured people that reach the hospital, this month may witness an increase in injuries.

He indicated that the closure on Friday and Saturday had an impact on the stability of the epidemiological situation and its slight decrease, and whenever citizens adhered to the preventive measures, life would return to normal, and failure to comply may make us resort to extending the weekly closure or even reaching the general closure.

He pointed out that there are currently about 130 injured people on intensive care beds and overnight stays inside the European Gaza Hospital, and this is due to the efforts of health teams that provide medical care according to international protocols, so we are witnessing a rapid improvement in severe cases.

Al-Akkad stressed that the decrease in the number of injuries does not mean recklessness, because if the incidence curve suddenly rises, it will be a great dilemma, and the most prominent challenge for us is still the lack of oxygen even though we have raised the production capacity to 4000 liters per minute, and a plant is being prepared to produce about 2,600 liters soon, as He said.

He added, "What is available from artificial respirators is sufficient until the moment to deal with Corona patients, and the increase in the number of deaths is commensurate with the spread of the virus, and this is a natural thing, especially since many of the infected people are elderly and chronic patients, and there are serious cases of young people because the virus has managed to penetrate the lungs." They have".

He continued, "Viruses develop in general and the Corona virus is a natural mutation, and we have witnessed a difference in some symptoms, including complete loss of appetite, and the real danger to the patient is shortness of breath."

He pointed out that he notices severe crowding on Thursday and Sunday, calling on citizens to adhere to safety measures, including physical spacing, wearing a mask, and not gathering in shopping places.


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