Statistics on the occupation target of the fishermen in the current year

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli occupation has carried out 270 violations against fishermen at sea off the coast of the Gaza Strip in 2018, the Al-Mezan Human Rights Center said Wednesday.

According to PCHR, the occupying forces shot at the fishermen 267 times, killed one fisherman, injured 16 others, arrested 59 fishermen and confiscated 18 boats.

According to PCHR, the Israeli forces continue to ban the entry of the equipment necessary for the continued fishing in the Gaza Strip as part of its continued tight siege on the Gaza Strip.

PCHR denounced the continuing Israeli violations against Palestinian fishermen, stressing that Israeli practices, whether firing repeatedly, inflicting death and injury among fishermen, continuing arbitrary detentions and the attendant humiliation and humiliating, and seizing equipment and sabotage of the fishermen's property comes in the context of the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip and its deliberate infliction of harm on Palestinian civilians, particularly fishermen. According to the statement.

The centre called for the immediate release of the arrested fishermen and the return of the two vehicles, reiterating its demand that the international community, in particular the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, carry out their duty, and work to lift the land and sea blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip, and compel the occupying forces to stop Its systematic violations and respect for the principles of international law in the context of its dealings with the civilian population in the Occupied Palestinian territory.


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