The occupation escalates its arrests ... 4,700 arrests, including 550 children, during 2020

A Palestinian human rights center specializing in the affairs of Palestinian prisoners in the occupation prisons revealed that the Israeli occupation has arrested 4,700 Palestinians, including 550 children, and 118 women and girls during the year 2020.

Today, Wednesday, the Center stressed in its report on the 2020 harvest about prisoners that the arbitrary detention campaigns against the Palestinian people have become part of the collective punishment of the Palestinian people.

And he considered the year 2020 to be the worst health for the prisoners, as their lives were exposed to grave danger as a result of the occupation’s neglect of their safety and facilitating the arrival of the Corona virus to prisons, after the infection of 140 prisoners until the end of the year.

The center expects these numbers to increase as a result of the non-application of protection and prevention measures by the prison administration, in addition to the injury of many prisoners during the year with cancer and heart attacks.

The director of the center, researcher Riad Al-Ashqar, said in the same report that the occupation, with all its security, military, political and media institutions, continued during the year 2020 its racist and arbitrary measures against the prisoners and imposed all forms of violation and restrictions, and deprived them of all their basic rights, including the right to treatment and visit them, and continued to storm prisons. And beat them, and isolate them in harsh conditions. 

Regarding the distribution of arrests during the year, Al-Ashqar stated that the city of Jerusalem received the largest share of arrests during the year 2020, with 2000 arrests, and constituted about 42 percent of the total arrests that took place throughout the Palestinian territories, followed by Hebron with 700 arrests. .

In the Gaza Strip, 88 arrests were recorded, and the rest were distributed among the cities of the occupied West Bank. 

The number of arrests among children reached 550 cases, of whom 52 were under the age of fourteen. According to the report.

Arrests among women reached during the year, as the report recorded the arrest of 118 women and girls, including 11 minors, elderly women, activists, journalists, university students, and stationed in Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In addition, 9 arrests of deputies from the Palestinian Legislative Council were monitored during the year.

The report records the arrest of 145 Palestinian patients and those with special needs, some of whom suffer from psychological and physical disabilities.

Al-Ashkar pointed out that in 2020, the list of martyrs of the captive movement increased to 226 martyrs, with 4 martyrs as a result of deliberate medical negligence, and their bodies are still being held, and the occupation refuses to hand them over to their families for burial.

Al-Ashqar promised the general that he was the worst health for the prisoners, as he was distinguished by adding a new face to the suffering of prisoners in the occupation prisons, which is the Corona pandemic, which entered the occupation prisons as a result of the occupation’s disdain for the lives of the prisoners and the failure to apply protection and preventive measures or provide cleaning and sterilizers to the prisoners.

He accused the occupation of exploiting that pandemic to impose many harsh measures on the prisoners, including the complete suspension of family visits and the suspension of visits by lawyers, and did not provide them with an alternative by phone contacting their families, as well as preventing dozens of items from the prison's containers related to detergents and sterilizers.

The Center for Human Rights called for the necessity of continuing activities of solidarity with the prisoners to ensure that they remain alive at all times, and to pressure the World Health Organization to intervene to ensure that families are protected from the threat of the Corona pandemic and to provide the prisoners with an anti-virus vaccine.

He called for investing in the election of the State of Palestine as a member of the Executive Office of the International Criminal Court to file a lawsuit against the occupation and demanding that its leaders be treated as war criminals for practicing a policy of physical and psychological torture against prisoners, including children and women, and the continued mobilization of international public opinion to support the prisoners, standing with their grievances, and pressuring the occupation to abide by international agreements. Humanity.


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