The number of arrested journalists increased to 27

The Committee to Support Journalists stated, today, Wednesday, that the number of journalists detained in the Israeli occupation prisons rose to 27 after the arrest of journalist Yusef Fawadleh after a raid on his home in the town of Aboud northwest of Ramallah.

In a statement, the committee renewed its strong condemnation and denunciation of the Israeli occupation forces ’continued campaign of arrests against journalists and media professionals, with the aim of keeping them for a longer period of time in the Israeli occupation’s prisons to block the crimes committed by the occupation against the Palestinian people from the world.

The committee indicated that the occupation arrested more than 82 journalists and media professionals during the current year, and renewed administrative detention and issued a verdict against 53.

The committee considered that the occupation authorities deliberately arrest journalists and extend and postpone their trial in an attempt to block the truth from the world, strongly rejecting the frenzied arrests that the occupation commits on an almost daily basis against journalists, which exposes them to humiliation and torture in interrogation prisons on the one hand, and to worry about their infection with the Coronavirus. Especially in light of the spread of the epidemic.

The committee called on all international press institutions to put pressure on the occupation to stop its systematic aggression against journalists, calling on human rights organizations to expose the occupation in all international forums and to pressure Israel to stop its pursuit of journalists and release the detainees from them.


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