30 deaths and 5,449 cases of corona in Israel within 24 hours

The Israeli Ministry of Health announced, Tuesday, that 30 Israelis died and 5,449 Israelis were infected with Corona within 24 hours, in the highest rise in deaths and injuries in Corona since the beginning of last November, during the second closure period, which means that the virus continues Spread, despite the third continuous closure until the ninth of next month.

Yesterday, Monday, 98,000 corona tests were performed in Israel, and the results showed that 5.6% of them are positive, which is the highest rate recorded with positive tests.

In Corona departments in Israeli hospitals, 1025 people are injured, including 593 in serious condition and 146 injured who have been connected to artificial respirators, while the death toll from Corona has risen to 3256 deaths after the death of 30 people affected by their infection with the virus.

The total number of active infections reached 38,656, indicating the continued increase in active cases, despite the third closure and the start of the vaccination campaign, and about half a million Israelis received the first dose of the vaccine.

The Arab 48 website stated Tuesday evening that, in light of these data, more than 51% of the residential communities in Israel are classified as red and orange, so that about 4 and a half million residents live in these communities, while the data indicate that the green list is It is empty of major cities and includes mainly towns and villages, agricultural communities and kibbutzim.


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