Israeli forces arrest 12 Palestinians from the West Bank at dawn on Wednesday

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

At least 12 people were arrested by the occupying forces at dawn on Wednesday, from scattered areas of the West Bank and Jerusalem.

According to local sources, the occupation arrested four residents of Tulkarm: Ibrahim Hussein al-Mahdi from Shuweika suburb of the city, Muhannad Elbow, Jamal Muhannad Elbow, Mehdi Adeeb al-Haj Ibrahim and three from Beit Leed.

The sources reported the arrest of Rami Yusuf al-Ghazawi from the village of Kafr to stand east of Qalqilya, Moaz Rabie from Abu Dis East Jerusalem, Hussein Jalal Motaher from al-Azza camp in Bethlehem, Mohammed al-Titi and Jihad Tayyiti from Arroub Camp north of Hebron.

In the occupied Jerusalem town of Issawiya, three youths were arrested by the occupation authorities: Adam Mustafa, the boy Ahmed Abdulraouf Mahmud, and the boy Samir Attia.


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