New splits in the Gantz party and disagreements within the Likud

 The Blue-White party led by Benny Gantz continues to collapse from day to day as successive announcements continue to split new members from the party.

On Tuesday morning, Knesset Member Michael Kotler-Winch announced her resignation from him and her defection from the Blue-White party.

Winch indicated that she will not run in the upcoming elections on the list of Gantz's party, indicating that she will search for another political path in order to correct the current political behavior in light of the health, social and economic crisis.

In a related context, the Hebrew newspaper, Israel Hayom, reported that there are differences within the Likud regarding the primaries and the attempts of party leader Benjamin Netanyahu to allocate seats on the party's list for the upcoming elections to personalities he will appoint himself.

According to the newspaper, Netanyahu held talks yesterday with Yisrael Katz, chairman of the Likud secretariat, Haim Katz, head of the party center, and in principle agreed to cancel the primaries.

The Likud institutions will meet tomorrow, Wednesday, to discuss the matter and request the start of passing the decision.

The primary elections always produce tension and drama in the ruling party, and in recent weeks, before the Knesset was dissolved, the issue was on the agenda of Likud members, when a number of Knesset members called for primaries, amid attempts by Netanyahu to prevent this under the pretext of the financial crisis and the exit of the main competitors. He has from the party such as Gideon Sa'ar and Zeev Elkin.

Netanyahu is seeking to reserve 3 to 4 seats to appoint the Israeli ambassador to America, Ron Drammer, whose mission will end next month, and Haim Pepes, and Orly Levi Abaxes, who founded the Bridge party and joined Netanyahu's coalition in the wake of the recent elections.

It seems that the appointment of Abaxes will cause unrest within the party. Likud sources said, "A short time ago she was with Meretz, what is his relationship with us."

Among those disappointed by the imminent decision to cancel the Likud primaries is Member of Knesset Nir Barkat, who said a few days ago that "Likud is the only democratic movement in Israel, and for this reason we need to hold primary elections to select the Knesset list, because this is our duty towards 140,000 people." Member of Likud. "

While the Hebrew newspaper Maariv said that Barkat is forming a group within the Likud to demand holding internal elections to improve his position on the list, and that he is supported by Gilad Sharon, Ariel Sharon's son, and former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon.


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