The latest developments in the spread of the new Corona virus in the world

 What follows are the latest developments related to the spread of the new Corona virus in the world in light of the latest numbers, new measures and notable events:

Italian Claudia Aleverini, Romanian Michaela Angelo, Spanish Araceli Rosario Hidalgo Sanchez and French Jean-Jacques Monsuis and Morissette are the first recipients of the "Pfizer-Biontec" vaccine in the European Union, which officially launched its campaign on Sunday.

Germany, Hungary and Slovakia were the first to vaccinate their residents the day before the official launch of the campaign.

The European Union is following the example of many countries that launched its campaign this month, such as Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and even Israel.

China, for its part, had begun vaccinating people most at risk in the summer.

The "AstraZeneca" laboratory, whose vaccine it developed with the University of Oxford is due to be approved in the coming days in the United Kingdom, has confirmed that it has found the "winning formula" to be as effective as its competitors, "Pfizer-Biontec" and "Moderna".

Clinical trials showed an effective rate of 70% in November, compared to about 95% for the other two vaccines.

But one of the protocols, which was mistakenly tested by the British laboratory on a small group of volunteers, showed an efficacy of 90%, prompting the company to conduct an "additional study".

The AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine is being waited with anticipation because it is relatively inexpensive and easier to store, which allows for widespread vaccination.

On Sunday, Israel begins a near-total closure for the third time at 17:00 (15:00 GMT), to be in effect for two weeks, with the possibility of extending it for an additional two weeks in the event that the goal of reducing the rate of new infections to less than a thousand per day is not achieved, to limit the increase The severe number of new infections with the Corona virus.

And it will be prohibited to move beyond a thousand meters from the place of residence, except in exceptional cases, as well as going to receive the vaccine and close all stores with the exception of food delivery service.

Israel launched a rapid campaign to vaccinate a quarter of the population within a month.

French Health Minister Olivier Ferrand warned in an interview published in the weekly newspaper "Le Journal du Dimanche" Sunday that the government will not hesitate to impose a third general lockdown nationwide if the number of new infections with the new Corona virus continues to rise.

The government fears that in the coming weeks, the country will be exposed to a third epidemic wave after the holidays.

The minister pointed out that the situation is already worrying in a number of provinces in the east of the country.

The epidemic has killed more than 1.75 million people around the world out of more than 80 million confirmed infections since the end of December 2019, according to a census conducted by Agence France-Presse based on official sources on Sunday at 11:00 GMT.

The United States is the country most affected by the epidemic, with 331,916 deaths from 18,985,938 injuries, followed by Brazil, where 190,795 deaths were recorded, out of 7,465,806 injuries, and India with 147,622 deaths (10,187,850 injuries).

But for their population (100, 90 and 11 cases, respectively per 100,000 people), these three countries are considered less harmful than countries such as Belgium (165 cases), Italy (118), Peru (113), Spain (107) and the United Kingdom (104).


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