Arrests and confrontations during demonstrations against Netanyahu

Israeli police arrested a number of demonstrators this evening, Saturday, after they gathered in front of the home of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem.

According to the Yedioth Ahronoth website, dozens of demonstrators surprised the police and preempted the main demonstrations by approaching Netanyahu's home at an unspecified time, prompting the police to close the area.

The demonstrators set fires in the middle of the street in front of Netanyahu's house, chanting slogans against Netanyahu, before entering into confrontations with the police, who arrived to disperse them by force.

Meanwhile, Israel is witnessing rallies at intersections and bridges in preparation for central rallies in Jerusalem near Netanyahu's home and Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, which are weekly protests calling for the removal and trial of Netanyahu, accusing him of failing to confront the Corona crisis.

This is the 27th consecutive week that the protests against Netanyahu continue, and this week comes in light of dramatic political developments regarding the dissolution of the Knesset and the direction of elections, and with the emergence of new splits in Likud and other parties.


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