Biden: The cyber attack on the United States cannot remain "without a response"

US President-elect Joe Biden confirmed Tuesday that the massive cyber attack, which was attributed to Russia and targeted government agencies in the United States and high-ranking officials, cannot remain "without a response."

Biden said in a press conference, "We cannot leave this without a response," calling for "important decisions" to be taken against those responsible for what happened with the aim of "holding them accountable."

"This attack took place in the sight of Donald Trump while he was not seen," he added.

"Securing our cyberspace may cost billions of dollars. I will do whatever is necessary to achieve three goals: first, determine the extent of the damage, second how it will happen, and thirdly what I have to do at home, within my administration to protect (American cyberspace) in the future," he said.

Unlike many political officials and some of them inside his government, President Trump played down the scale of this attack as well as Russia's potential responsibility for it.

On the other hand, Justice Minister Bill Barr, who will soon leave the government, announced that Moscow was behind the operation.

Biden added, "When I am informed of the extent of the damage and the identity of those responsible, they can make sure that we will respond, and that we will likely respond in an equal manner," noting that "there are several options that I will not discuss now."

Biden added, "This president has not identified those responsible yet. This attack occurred in front of Donald Trump while he was not looking," but "make sure that even if he does not take (the attack) seriously, I will."

He told reporters that the cyber attack "continues. I don't see anything that indicates that it is under control. The Ministry of Defense does not even want to share with us a number of issues."

The Democratic president-elect accuses Trump of failing to fulfill his duty by "irrationally reducing the severity of the attack."


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