Build 120,000 5G base stations in China by 2022

Zhejiang Province, east China, will build 120,000 5G base stations by 2022 and increase its network capacity.

The province will promote widespread application of 5G in industrial manufacturing, urban governance and services related to people's livelihood, said Li Min, deputy head of Zhejiang Province's Economic and Information Technology Directorate, during a press conference on Tuesday.

The province built a total of 15,770 base stations for 5G by the end of 2019, according to a report issued by local authorities last May.

The report showed that the added value of major industries in the province's digital economy exceeded 622.89 billion yuan (about 95.11 billion US dollars) last year, accounting for 10 percent of the province's gross domestic product and an increase of 14.5 percent year on year.


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