Occupation arrests 12 West Bank Citizens

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli occupation army arrested 12 Palestinians in the West Bank at dawn on Tuesday.

The arrests and raids included areas in Nablus, Qalqilya, Ramallah and Bethlehem.

According to the follow-up of our correspondent, the occupation arrested the child Sajid Jibril from his family home in Qalqilya, as well as the brothers Izz and Ahmed Salah Qaddoumi from their home in the town of Jayyous east.

Local sources said that the occupation arrested three youths (whose names were unknown) from their vehicle on Abu Bakr Street in the northern mountain of Nablus. After the soldiers raided the homes of four of the two executors of the Itamar operation, which took place three years ago.

The Israeli occupation also arrested Fawzi Maher from his home in Deir Abu Meshaal village northwest of Ramallah.

Israeli occupation soldiers raided and destroyed the house of Tayseer Shehada in Beit Fajar, southeast of Bethlehem.

Incursions also included the village of Rujib, east of Nablus, and the town of Sebastya, which included the west of the city, while settlers attacked agricultural land in the town of Aqraba.

Israeli occupation soldiers also stormed a suburb of Rafah, south of Tulkarem, the Jalazone camp north of Ramallah and al-Dhahiri town south of Hebron.


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