The health of the French President is improving

The office of French President Emmanuel Macron, who contracted Covid-19 last week, said, “His health is improving.”

Macron's test result came positive Thursday, and he showed symptoms of fatigue, coughing and muscle pain.

The president, who resides in an official residence near Paris and holds remote meetings, promised that he would communicate daily with his citizens about his health.

"It is now showing signs of improvement," the Elysee Palace said, without further details.

The previous daily health briefings stated that the 43-year-old president was in "stable" condition.

The French authorities fear that the Christmas and New Year period will witness a new rise in infections, after the total number of Covid deaths in the country exceeded 60 thousand last week.

Late Tuesday, the authorities said, "Nearly 12,000 new infections were reported in the previous 24 hours and 386 deaths."

The government said: "The vaccination campaign will start on Sunday, with priority given to health workers and the elderly."

The European Union gave the green light for the Pfizer-Bionic vaccine Monday, setting the stage for the start of vaccination campaigns in 27 countries shortly after Christmas.


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