Witness: Preparations for the opening of the world´s largest sea bridge

Beijing _ Agencies

The Republic of China is preparing to open the world's largest sea bridge, which connects Chinese territory to Hong Kong and Macao.

The 55-kilometre bridge cost $20 billion, while its construction lasted 9 years of seriousness

and work.

The opening ceremony, which takes place on Tuesday, is preceded by the Chinese president and senior officials of Hong Kong and Macao,

Opening of the bridge to the public, scheduled for the next day.

The bridge between the city of Johannesburg, South China, through the mouth of the Pearl River and Lantau Island in Hong Kong, then goes

West towards the Macao enclave, through 11 cities.

The bridge shortens the journey between the cities it passes from 3 hours to 30 minutes, making it easier for travellers

Move in the area.

"The bridge will briefly shorten the travel time between Hong Kong and the West Pearl River Delta region," said the Sky News Arab website quoting CNN, Frank Chan, director of transportation in Johannesburg, but on the other hand, the bridge construction project faced some difficulties, accusing those responsible of corruption, while he died Number of workers involved in its construction.

The cost of transit through the world's longest bridge for buses ranges between $8 and $10 per trip, or cars

A rented tray in the country.


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