Hebrew Channel: No progress in negotiations between Likud and Blue and White

The Hebrew Channel 12 reported this evening, Saturday, that there has been no progress in the ongoing negotiations behind the scenes between the Likud, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Blue-White led by Benny Gantz, to try to reach a compromise that prevents a solution The Knesset and heading for new elections.

According to the channel, the two sides held meetings at the end of the week and there was a slight rapprochement, but pessimism is the master of the situation and for the purpose between the leaderships of the two parties.

Each of them adheres to its conditions to reach a solution, including that Blue and White is demanding the passage of the budget for the current and next year in order to ensure rotation between Gantz and Netanyahu, while Likud calls for interference in appointments in the judicial system, while the issue of extending the rotation period faced great difficulties.

The Israeli parties have only three days left to reach an agreement, and if they do not agree, the Knesset will automatically dissolve at midnight between Tuesday and Wednesday due to the failure to pass the budget.

It appears that Knesset members and ministers from the Blue and White party support the choice of running for the elections and refuse to compromise to serve Netanyahu.

And it appears that if the two sides reach an agreement, there does not seem to be enough time to pass the budget.

Amir Ohana, the Likud minister, said that negotiations are still continuing, but the gaps are large, and that his party will be happy with the emergence of surprises at the last minute.


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