Gaza Health: We are in a critical phase and at the height of the Corona virus

Magdy Dahir, director of the Preventive Medicine Department at the Ministry of Health in Gaza, said this evening, Saturday, that the situation is very dangerous and we are in the eye of the storm and in the most critical stage of this epidemic during the next three weeks.

In a press statement, Dahir added, "We are now at the height of the outbreak and we consider that Gaza is now at the height of the danger," warning against the infection of huge numbers that the ministry cannot control during the next three weeks.

He pointed out that the number of laboratory workers has been raised to 14 people, indicating that the daily registration of the number of injured reaches nearly a thousand people per day.

And he indicated that the laboratory's production capacity has been increased so that 3 thousand swabs are examined daily, indicating that the number recorded for injuries does not reflect the real number.

He stated that there are approximately 8 to 10 cases that need examination, indicating that there are infected cases that do not show symptoms, and 40% of infected people do not show symptoms but are a cause of transmission.

"We have succeeded in maximizing the capacity of the health sector to absorb these cases, and we expect the number of cases to increase over the next few days," Dhaheir said.

Regarding the vaccine, the Director of the Preventive Medicine Department at the Ministry of Health in Gaza stated that it will not reach developing countries before the end of next spring, indicating that there is a tendency to purchase 4 million vaccines to cover 50% of the population of Gaza, the West Bank and the diaspora, hoping that this will be in March. Next.

Regarding the Emirati medical aid, Dahir indicated that there are surveys that are not used to diagnose Corona, and that respirators are not industrial devices but rather assistants, and no laboratory examination device has arrived in them.


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