5 young men were arrested during widespread incursions in Bethlehem

The occupation forces arrested 5 citizens of Bethlehem today, at dawn, during incursions and raids on homes in separate areas of the governorate.

The occupation patrols stormed Al-Sanima Street, Al-Madbasa, Paul VI, Karakfa, Al-Saff Street, Wadi Maali and Handaza, and during that the Israeli forces raided many homes after blowing up some of the entrances, and arrested five young men.

The youth are: Mustafa Salhab, Muhammad Salhab, Firas al-Yamani, Salih al-Harimi and Nur Qaraqi ', most of them are former prisoners.

The storming and raid took place in light of the comprehensive closure that the governorate is witnessing by a decision of the authority, as a preventive measure to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, which took effect last Thursday evening.

Eyewitnesses said that the occupation soldiers removed the stone fields that the Authority had built at the entrances to Area A in Bethlehem.


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