Stockholm did not see the sun for even one hour in December

In light of the harsh Scandinavian winter with short days, several Swedish regions, including the capital, Stockholm, did not see the sun for even one hour in December, as the watch institute's counter is still shining The Sun in the Meteorological Institute is stuck at ground zero.

"The beginning of December was cloudy, to say the least," said Linus Carlson, a climate scientist at the Swedish Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology.

Day dawned on Thursday at 08.33 hours and darkness fell at 14:48 in the Swedish capital, but without any trace of the sun that Stockholm had not seen for more than ten days, as no hour described as sunny had been recorded since the beginning of this month. The outlook for the coming days remains bleak.

On average, Stockholm records 33 hours of sunshine in December, with nearly an hour per day.

In light of the atmosphere already clouded in Sweden and the world by the pandemic, the Covid-19 epidemic has come to the "Light Day" parties, a Swedish tradition that takes place annually on St. Lucia's Day on December 13th.

In 1934 Stockholm did not see the sun at all in the whole month of December.

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