The insane divorce ... "burns 600 million dollars" and does not give it to Tatiana

In an interesting incident indicating the “stubbornness” and problems that separation may bring, the Russian billionaire Farhad Akhmadov refused to pay compensation for the divorce of “two million” to his ex-wife, preferring to "Burn his money" to do so.

According to the British newspaper "Daily Mail", Akhmetov is accused of hiding millions to avoid paying compensation ordered by a British court in favor of his ex-wife Tatiana Akhmetov, amounting to 450 million pounds (about 600 million dollars).

The court referred to a letter Akhmetov wrote to his son Timur, in which he said, "I will burn this money instead of giving it to your mother."

According to the British newspaper, the son Taymour agrees with his father to antagonize Tatiana, as he said in statements to him that she destroyed his life as a child, and did not adhere to the moral values ​​that raised him on it.

Tatiana accuses both father and son of hiding Akhmetov's financial assets and of failing to pay her 70 million pounds in debts.

And before the High Court in London, Tatiana said that she loves her son, Timur, and hopes for the return of the relationship between them as it was, considering his prosecution as a difficult decision.

According to a court ruling in 2016, Tatiana was granted 41.5 percent of her husband's fortune, which exceeds one billion pounds, but she only received 5 million.

Akhmetov refuses to pay such a large compensation to his ex-wife, saying that they are not British and have not married in this country, and a British judge would not have issued such a ruling.


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