Resignation of the Editor-in-Chief of the German Edition of "Vogue"

Condé Nast publishes, told the German News Agency (dpa) today, Thursday, that Christian Arp is the editor-in-chief of the German edition of Vogue Fashion magazine, which is an international magazine devoted to fashion and style. Life in the world, she will leave her position.

Arb decided to leave for "personal and professional reasons," according to the Munich-based publishing house.

Condé Nast Germany said that the house's managing director, Jessica Pebel Schultz, thanked Arb for "her wonderful work on the magazine."

Arp launched its first issue of Vogue in 2003 with model Heidi Klum on the cover, the publisher said.

An entire team will run the magazine during this transition period.

The German edition of Vogue is published nine times a year, with 77,000 copies sold in the second quarter of 2020, and 82,000 copies in the third quarter.

There are many other international editions of the journal.


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