The European Mission: We will support the needs of Gaza and provide the Palestinians with the Corona vaccine

Sven Kuhn von Burgsdorf represented the European Union in the Palestinian territories, today, Tuesday, that the delegation will work to meet the needs of the Gaza Strip, especially in dealing with the Corona virus crisis.

This came during a conference following the end of a tour by a large European delegation that included dozens of diplomats who arrived in the Gaza Strip this morning through the Beit Hanoun "Erez" checkpoint before leaving through it. The delegation visited the European Gaza Hospital designated for treating Corona patients and held a meeting with an agent. The Ministry of Health in Gaza, Yusef Abu Al-Rish, to see the health picture, in addition to visiting the central water desalination plant funded by the Union, and meeting with civil society figures.

Burgsdof said that the visit comes within the framework of the European Union's support for the Palestinian cause and to identify and support the crises the sector is going through, noting that the Union is constantly striving to achieve stability.

The representative of the European Union stressed that Gaza is an integral part of Palestine, stressing the need to guarantee life for every individual and person and to promote human rights and the right to life and education.

He stressed the necessity of the democracy of the three sides represented by the occupation that controls Gaza, the Palestinian Authority as recognized by the countries of the world, and the Hamas government, which was established in 2007.

Burgsdof pointed out that the delegation assessed the needs of Gaza and the services provided to people with Corona, noting that the European Union is working with the World Health Organization and international organizations to provide the necessary support to the hospital for patients, as well as to the Ministry of Health.

He expressed his hope that the Union would be able to work to enable the Palestinian Authority to obtain the vaccine, indicating that the Union would communicate with the United Nations to provide the vaccine, especially for those working in the first line of defense, including doctors and others, and those who deserve it.

"We know that the situation is very difficult and complicated, but we will endeavor to provide the vaccine," he said.

He indicated that the Union will work to assist the Palestinians to develop and expand the desalination plant to serve more than 200,000 people by next July, indicating that it will sign an agreement with Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh and the European Bank to establish another project to desalinate seawater at 100,000 euros.

He indicated that the Union is working with international partners to implement projects related to the provision of gas, indicating that this plan is in an evaluation stage to prepare the appropriate mechanisms for that.

He stressed the importance of continuing support for UNRWA, noting that the European Union will remain committed to this support in order to serve refugees not only in Gaza, but the whole world.

He pointed out that the delegation viewed his visit as important, and will return again to visit the sector soon.


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