Al-Asir Club: The occupation arrested (21) citizens, the majority of whom were freed prisoners

 last night, the Israeli occupation forces launched a campaign of arrests of 21 citizens of the West Bank, most of whom were former prisoners who spent years in the occupation prisons. This was accompanied by confrontations, injuries, and vandalism in homes.

The prisoner club said in a statement, today, Monday, that six citizens were arrested from Bethlehem: Shehab Muzhar and Muhammad Abu Aker, son of the captive Nidal Abu Aker, and they are both former prisoners, noting that Muhammad went on an open hunger strike last year that lasted more than a month. Against his administrative detention, the occupation also arrested the two brothers Muhammad and Naim Raafat Abu Aker, Shadi Maali and Deeb Najjarah (58 years).

From the towns of Kafr Thulth and Azzun in Qalqilya, the occupation arrested: Adel Samih Shawahna (21 years), Murad Anan Shawahna (19 years), and the boy Abdel-Raziq Imad Sweidan (17 years).

Meanwhile, two citizens of Qalandia camp, which witnessed violent confrontations, were arrested and injured during the arrest process.

In addition to the detainees, Muhammad Saleh Mohsen, a former prisoner who spent years in the occupation prisons, Walid Sharaf, who is also a former prisoner, and during his previous detention suffered from difficult health conditions, in addition to Raed Rabi`, and all three of them are from the town of Abu Dis.

From the town of Al-Eizariya, the occupation arrested Muhammad Ahmad Shatara and Muhammad Khalil Pharaoh, and from the city of Yatta in Hebron, the occupation arrested Iyad Rashid, and from Nablus Samer Salim Shurrab, and Firas Hussein, two former prisoners who spent years in the occupation prisons, and from the town of Kafr Na'imah in Ramallah, the occupation was arrested Riad Ahmed Abdo.

It is noteworthy that the occupation forces re-arrested prisoner Osama al-Rajabi from Jerusalem, upon his release from the "Negev desert" prison in the morning, after he had spent 5 years in the occupation prisons, noting that the occupation authorities deliberately re-arrest the Jerusalemite prisoners after their release, to steal their joy of freedom. And booze their families.


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