Study: Shoppers Trust Artificial Intelligence Tips When Purchasing

Recently, an increasing number of companies are keen to take advantage of the experiences of artificial intelligence in order to provide recommendations to consumers that help them in making decisions when buying.

The scientific journal "The Journal of Marketing" specialized in marketing research published a study on the extent of consumer confidence in the advice he gets from an artificial intelligence system when he is buying a commodity. The study relied on trial data that included three thousand participants.

The study revealed that the consumer trusts the advice of the artificial intelligence system when it is related to the efficiency and quality of the commodity in terms of use or the function that the commodity performs, but when it comes to the extent of enjoying a particular commodity, the average consumer trusts more in the advice he gets from humans.

The "Science Daily" website quoted the researcher Chiara Longoni, who participated in the study, as saying, "We found that when the question is about the quality of a particular commodity according to its functional characteristics, the consumer prefers the advice of the artificial intelligence system, but when the question relates to the experience of using a particular commodity, the percentage is greater." Of participants prefer the use of human advice. "

Experience has shown that when consumers want advice that is in line with their unique tastes, they prefer human advice, and reject AI advice.

Researcher Luca Sian says, "The digital market is crowded, and the period of consumer interest in a commodity is short. Therefore, understanding the conditions on which consumer confidence depends will raise the competitiveness of companies in this field."


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