Israel warns its citizens against traveling to the Emirates and Bahrain, fearing an Iranian response

Today, Sunday, the so-called Israeli "counter-terrorism" office warned Israelis against traveling to the countries with which it has recently signed agreements to normalize relations, namely the UAE and Bahrain, for fear of an Iranian response to the assassination of nuclear scientist Mohsenzadeh.

According to the Yedioth Ahronoth website, Israel fears that Iran will try to harm the Israelis who come to the UAE and Bahrain in response to the assassination.

He pointed out that the warning was issued a few weeks ago, but in light of the assassination, it became more important.

The office of the National Security Council expects that during the coming weeks, thousands of Israelis will visit the Gulf countries, for tourism and business purposes, noting that in light of the activity of "terrorist" organizations, there are real risks to the lives of Israelis who will visit the UAE and Bahrain.

The office called to avoid visiting the two countries as there is a tangible threat, calling on the Israelis present there to leave them and return to Tel Aviv or the places where they live.


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