Gaza Health: We are constantly working so that we do not reach the stage of health collapse

Mushtaha, the Director General of Laboratories at the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, said today, Sunday, that the ministry is working continuously and with every effort to not reach a critical stage in the state of health collapse in light of the registration of a large number of infections with the Coronavirus.

In an interview with Al-Aqsa local radio in Gaza, Mushtaha stated that the central laboratory works around the clock, and conducts medical examinations for Covid-19 patients, and it requires a daily need of 3,000 swabs between infected and contact.

He explained that primary care laboratories are constantly suffering from a severe shortage of operational materials and supplies for testing devices, noting that the available supplies are nearly enough for a few days and some of them are only hours, yet we provide the service day and night to complete the checks.

He pointed out that communication is taking place around the clock with all the supporters of the health sector and the High Health Organization to keep them updated on the laboratory needs for materials and medical supplies.

He pointed out that priority is given to suspected cases of contacts, and there are clear policies for the ministry to work on, and any crisis that occurs in the health system is remedied before it gets worse.

The General Director of Laboratories confirmed that no service or swabs have been stopped within the primary care centers, and any patient who feels symptoms of the disease can go to health centers and be dealt with and there is an evaluation for each case.

"There is a redistribution of services within primary care, and preventive medicine teams are working around the clock to collect swabs from citizens in the areas of the Gaza Strip," Mushtaha said.


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