1,496 prisoners with sentences exceeding 10 years

Abdel Nasser Farwana, a specialist in prisoners' affairs and freedmen, said that 2,676 prisoners in the occupation prisons have been sentenced to various sentences, and they constitute nearly two-thirds of the total.

Farwana stated in a press statement, that among these prisoners, there are about (58) children, of whom 54 are between 16-18 years old, and 4 others are between 14-16 years old.


Farwana explained that among the sentenced prisoners there are 1,496 prisoners who are serving actual prison terms for years exceeding 10 years, and among these 174 prisoners are serving sentences ranging between 10-15 years, 285 prisoners serving prison terms ranging from 15-20 years, and 494 Prisoners serving prison terms of more than 20 years and less than life, while the rest of the 543 prisoners are serving sentences of life imprisonment for one time or several times.


The specialist in prisoners' affairs indicated that, in addition to these, there are (1180) sentenced prisoners who have been sentenced to prison terms of less than 10 years, including (829) prisoners sentenced to sentences ranging between 3 months and less than 5 years, and ( 351) Prisoners sentenced to prison terms ranging between 5-10 years.


Farwana stressed that the occupation courts lack fair trial standards and have never been fair. They are part of an Israeli judiciary based on oppression and oppression and legitimizing the destruction of the lives and future of the Palestinian people, and that all of their rulings are arbitrary, cruel and illegal.


It is noteworthy that, according to the latest report of the Israeli Prison Authority, the total number of prisoners is about 4,184.


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