A pause for UNRWA employees in Gaza to reject the split of salaries

Dozens of employees of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees, "UNRWA", participated in a protest stand in front of the headquarters of the United Nations Organization in Gaza City, on Monday.

And raise the participants stand slogans confirm their rejection of fragmentation and delay the payment of salaries, and demand returns dismissed employees from their work, as well as rejection of the policy of systematic cuts.

Amir Al-Mashal, head of the UNRWA Arab Staff Union in the Gaza Strip, stressed during a speech that it is not possible to accept negotiations over employee rights, splitting and delaying employee salaries in batches, whether in Gaza or any of the agency’s five areas of operations.

He pointed out that the union called on the agency's management not to send salaries to banks that are incomplete, and either full salaries and on time, or not to be disbursed, so as not to become a dangerous precedent in the history of UNRWA.

He pointed out that the union movement will escalate from all federations and unions if UNRWA insists on not meeting the demands of employee unions, indicating that the agency will have two options, either borrowing from next year's budget and carrying this deficit for the next year, or borrowing from the United Nations and international institutions, as happened. in the last year.

The survey indicated that the financial deficit has accumulated since 2018, but the deficit is not managed at the expense of the employees and services provided to Palestinian refugees.

The head of the UNRWA Arab Staff Union in the Gaza Strip indicated that there are implications and repercussions affecting the services provided to refugees in light of the job threat to 30,000 employees in the five regions.

He pointed out that Commissioner-General Philip Lazzarini is supposed to arrive in Gaza tomorrow noon, Tuesday, and will have a meeting with the Staff Union on Wednesday, expressing his hope that funds will be provided for 2020, and that there will be a plan to prepare for 2021.


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