Intensive communications prevented a fourth war on Gaza

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Egypt and the United Nations were able to stop the deterioration of the situation on the ground between the Gaza Strip and Israel, and to prevent their sliding into a fourth new war waged by the occupation on the strip, after the firing of two rockets, "unknown descent" towards the cities of Tel Aviv (north) and Beersheba (south), to which they responded "Israel " with 20 raids Training sites for the Hamas movement, which resulted in the martyrdom of Palestinians and the wounding of others, as well as the closing of Kerem Abu Salim and Beit Hanoun crossings and the reduction of sea fishing space.

The new escalation, after weeks of relative calm, prompted the ICC prosecutor to "worry about the continuing violence on both sides" and warn that she/"closely monitors the situation on the ground" and will not hesitate to move when necessary.

Sources close to the Egyptian security delegation, who left the Gaza Strip overnight after a one-day visit, said the delegation was able to stop the deterioration of the situation on the ground and prevent a new war.

The delegation, which arrived in the Gaza Strip for talks with leaders of Hamas, preceded a visit to the Egyptian general intelligence chief, Minister Maj. Gen. Abbas Kamel and was cancelled, spent several hours in contacts with the various parties, Palestinian, Israeli and international, in order to contain the situation, the sources added. And put an end to the Israeli bombardment, which was renewed by day.

The delegation, headed by the Egyptian General Intelligence Service (GSS) Undersecretary, Maj. Gen. Ayman Badie, includes the Palestinian Public intelligence officer Brigadier General Ahmed Abdul Khaliq, Egyptian consul to Palestine Mustafa Shehata, and others,  "made great efforts to restore calm to the Gaza Strip and stop the escalation After the launch of the Rockets  ".

The sources noted that the delegation "has made extensive contact with the leaders of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad and other Palestinian factions, as well as extensive contacts at the highest level with the Israeli political, security and military officials to prevent an escalation and calm the situation."

In addition to the Egyptian security delegation, the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Nikolai Mladenov, from the occupied city of Jerusalem, had contacts with Israeli officials, with the leadership of "Hamas" and the general Kamel, in order to prevent escalation and contain the deteriorating situation, while warplanes were Israeli forces have been conducting raids on civilian sites and installations in the Gaza Strip.

"The next two days will resolve the question of reaching a calm agreement in Gaza," Mladenov said, referring to the imminent calm.

During his meeting with Israeli President Rauf Rivlin, Mladenov described the recent escalation as "extremely dangerous", saying that "The rocket fire operation was a serious provocation aimed at dragging Israel into a conflict in Gaza." "Our mission is to do everything to prevent this conflict in Gaza, to succeed and to bear fruit to achieve calm on the ground, to prevent escalation and to bring peace between Israelis and Palestinians and the region as a whole," he said. "The time is now for verbs and not for speech," he said, pointing out that "current actions are in everyone's interest, otherwise the result will be disastrous."

The cessation of the escalation, hours after the issuance of the "common Room of resistance factions", including Hamas, was an unusual statement, in which the firing of the two rockets was condemned, deeming it to be "an attempt to sabotage efforts to establish a calm."

The statement paid tribute to the efforts made by the Egyptian security delegation to "fulfill the demands of our people" in reference to the factions ' acceptance of the ceasefire. He stressed the "rejection of all irresponsible attempts, which try to craft the compass, and sabotage the Egyptian effort, including the rocket launch last night."

However, the "common room " has confirmed its readiness to deal with the attacks of the Israeli occupation. "Our rifle will remain the protector of our people, and our weapon will remain a legislator in the face of our enemy," she said. "Our people are still fighting its battle with strength and power through the events of the major return marches and breaking the siege, and we will stand with our people who go out weekly and in all mass events to fulfill their demands for their freedom and return to their homeland," she said.

She pointed out that she  "is addressing all attempts to occupy the mass path of the return marches by fixing deterrent rules of engagement."

In its statement, the "common room" denied any connection with the Rockets. "When they resist or fire rockets, they do not hide behind any curtain, but clearly declare it under their national responsibility," she said.


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