A medical official in Gaza warns of the dire consequences due to Corona

A microbiologist and consultant to the health committee to confront the Corona virus in the Gaza Strip warned of dire consequences that are looming on the horizon, due to the steady increase in the number of infections with the Coronavirus.

In a statement, Al-Manamah pointed out that the health sector in Gaza suffers greatly due to many years of blockade, indicating that the significant increase in the number of injuries may amount to the inability of health facilities in the Gaza Strip to receive serious cases.

He said, "All plans to combat Covid 19 worldwide depend on the extent to which citizens adhere to health measures in their countries, and failure to adhere to health instructions means wasting all efforts exerted in combating the spread of the virus."

The medical official indicated that talk about producing vaccines for the virus in a number of countries of the world is still in the process of experimentation, and the opportunities for vaccines to reach the Gaza Strip are not available at the present time.

Al-Manamah noted that the nature of the spread of the virus requires the extension of a helping hand from all civil and international institutions in light of its increasing spread, stressing the need to avoid a health disaster in the Gaza Strip, by bringing about change in terms of adherence to prevention measures and avoiding gatherings.

"Adhering to safety measures is not an option, but an imperative to protect oneself and not to infect others and thus cause their loss," he said.


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