To control Jerusalem ... the occupation will start the process of registering homes and lands east of the city

In a move aimed at controlling the entire city of Jerusalem and collecting taxes under various names, the occupation government will, in the coming weeks, begin the process of registering homes and lands located in the areas east of the city and in which Palestinians reside.

According to the Seventh Hebrew Channel, this process will be carried out with the support of the Minister of Jerusalem, the far-right Rabbi Rafi Peretz, and with the support of other ministries.

She said that "since 1967, after full control of Jerusalem, there has been no legal and systematic registration of lands and homes in the city."

The channel added, "Only 5% of the lands and homes are legally registered," noting that "this prevents the establishment of public infrastructure and the building of economic projects."

She stated, "This process, which will be conducted soon, will put an end to corruption problems related to construction and illegal construction violations, and to regulate the registration process and impose taxes on lands and homes in East Jerusalem like anywhere else inside Israel."

Peretz said, "The fact that most of the land in East Jerusalem is not registered is a failure that has been going on for 50 years and a solution must be found."

He added, "The plan that I launched to organize and register homes and lands in East Jerusalem is to confirm that the residents there are part of a united Jerusalem, and it is not only a slogan but a vision that confirms the fact that what is in the west of the city must also be in its east."


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